Monday, 23 June 2008

Midsummer Fairy Party

For as long as I can remember I've always had a thing about fairies. When I was little we lived in a bungalow. It a had a fantastic big garden that led from the bungalow up a hill. As you made your way up the garden, you passed three lawned areas with various beds and borders. At the top there was a little gate that led into the woods. From the woods there was a natural stream that ran down the side of our garden. As you can imagine this was my playground and to me a quite magical place where fairies lived! I had hours of fun being away with the fairies! I also loved the Flower Fairy Stories with the beautiful illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker. I managed to pick this book up for Emily for just 50p at a NCT sale which I'm looking forward to sharing with Emily. She has a great little imagination and I'm all for anything that encourages it.I also have a few Fairy ornaments. This one, 'The sewing Fairy' is my favourite. It was given to me by a friend, the cotton reels look so real! Sorry it's a bit blurred think my hands shook when I took it.

When I was handed a leaflet from Emily's nursery saying 'Midsummer Fairy Party' supporting the Wish Upon A Star Charity I decided to take her.

So last Saturday we had a lovely girly time getting dressed up, she even had her nails painted pink like mummies which she's been wanting for ages! This is the best picture, trying to get a three year old to sit still is a hard task believe me so this was taken whilst watching the tv! The tiara is mine which I wore on my wedding day! Better to have some use than being stuck in a dusty box.

So all excited we arrived to find lots and lots and lots of little girls dressed as fairies and adults too it was a lovely sight to see! We even came across some goblins too!

Unfortunately it drizzled the whole time which was a shame as the organisers had put so much effort into it. Luckily I had Emily's pink wellies but lots of little girls had pretty dainty shoes on that got wet poor things! It was cold too so Emily's wings didn't last long as she wanted her coat on!! As we made our way round in the fairy meadow was a marquee full of fun and games another marquee of craft stalls, a fairy post office, bouncy castle and fun fair ride we even met a real unicorn!

After having lots of fairy fun having goes on all the games and getting wet feet on the bouncy castle we were grateful for some warmth so off we went inside for a fairy banquet in the banquet hall. You can just see Emily 4th on the right! Afterwards all the children screamed and laughed out loud at chuckle chops the clown.

Emily really enjoyed herself despite the awful weather and it was a great way to spend the afternoon with her.
Thought I'd show you what I brought back from our holiday in St Ives before I end this post. I got some more bits and pieces for my seaside shelves in my bathroom. The little beach hut, the boat painted onto a piece of driftwood which was made by a St Ives artist, some shells and the mini lobster basket also got a big one for the floor in my bathroom (not pictured).

These are tea towels! I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out all I've done is just pin them up with drawing pins and then rolled them up and tied some ribbon round them took about 5 min's!
They're from a lovely shop on the harbour in St Ives specialising in French home interiors I could have gone mad in there but it was very expensive and my budget only stretched to tea towels £3.99 each.

Finally this picture was a bargain we went into St Ives early on the last day for a full English breakfast overlooking the harbour and I spotted this in a shop window for just £5.00. It's actually a print of Padstow should have been £20 but was reduced because of a tiny mark on the frame.

My bathroom now looks complete with it's seaside look and I'm really pleased with how it looks it just needed a few more bits and it really reminds me of happy days in Cornwall.


Garden girl said...

Without being too much of a saddo I know which french shop you it Atelier? Up a couple of steps? Is very lovely indeed but tres expensive!! There is a lovely restaurent a bit further along, upstairs called Coast. They do amazing breakfasts!Well done on nabbing such a bargain of a picture!

Vanessa said...

I love fairies too, I read the books to my little dear. In the cancer research 'Wishes' shop they sell short stories for children of 3/4 by Ceciely Barker, they are fab as they are easy to understand.
We bought some metal mushrooms fro the garden last week and apparently that's where the fairies live!

Emily looks likes she had a great time spending time with mummy and being a fairy for the day!

Vanessa x

prettyshabby said...

how miss out on lovely fairies and all the lovely girlie pretty stuff when you have boys!
I love your picture and bathroom of my boys has roman blinds very similar in his room..not made out of a tea towel but an old mangle cloth!

Katherines Dream said...

Well a beautiful little fairy! Emily must have really enjoyed her day.
I adore St Ives - we went there two years ago and would love to go back again, the little town is so pretty and the shops are wonderful too.
And do I spy more cushions on your sofa from The English Home!!!
Carol x

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Oh wow what a fantastic day out. I have always had a love of fairies and now Ella does too, we would of loved to go to a midsummer fairy party. I love your blinds, what a fantastic idea!

periwinkle said...

where you lived sounds just right for fairies, doesn't she look so cute and your bathroom shelf looks lovely
lisa x

Suzie Sews said...

beautiful...pretty fairies

Summer by the sea said...

I also used to love the flower fairy books, I still have them somewhere. I hope me and my daughter get the chance to go to a 'fairy party' one day, it sounds great.
I also love your bathroom shelves, and the picture of Padstow was a bargain - Natalie x

shabby chic said...

Hi what a pretty post and what a sweet little fairy girl too!
I love the blinds they look really good .

Shabby Chick said...

Not sure you'll see this as it's such an old post but your blog is such a gorgeous read I had to trawl through. I adore your bathroom shelves, they're lovely. And the tea towel blinds are brilliant too. The fairy party sounds great, I love fairies too.

The picture of Padstow is wonderful, I've been to Cornwall loads of times on holiday (my favourite place, really) and it just brings back so many memories. I am probably rambling on but when we go there we HAVE to visit Rick Stein's chippy (can't stretch to his proper restaurants!), the lobster hatchery and the lovely little shops. There and St Ives are just amazing. I will stop rambling now!!!

Mel x