Saturday, 31 January 2009

Party preparations

It was the last day of January today and it was a beautiful sunny day here in Derbyshire we woke up to a gorgeous sunset casting a pink glow into Emily and Elliot's room. Well January has been a month of organising in the Miss sew n sew household and I am relieved to say that everywhere is now tip top tidy including my studio which was done today so now I can concentrate on other things.

First thing on my to do list will be organising a birthday party for Emily who turns four next Saturday. She is having a little tea party the day before on the Friday I am making the most of being able to do a traditional style party at home with pass the parcel and musical chairs etc.................... I have to admit that unlike some mum's who dread organising children's parties I do actually quite enjoy organising it all although last year I did actually feel quite stressed during the event as I invited 13 children way to many for our little cottage! Having learnt from last years mistake this year she's having just having just 3 of her closest friends yes I know it sounds a bit mean just 3 but if you count Emily and Elliot that's 5 kids then there's the mums and friends and family so that's plenty. I was hoping that this will be much more manageable and less work for me! After planning to keep it small and simple I've ended up getting quite carried and have now got ton's to do!

My mum thought of me and picked this book up for me on her visit to the library kid's parties by Lisa Atwood I can really recommend this book if you need some inspiration for a children's party it has gorgeous pictures and lots of different themed party idea's for girls and boys. I was really taken by this idea a cupcake decorating tea party how cute?

Each child gets to decorate their own cupcake which you box up in a pretty box for them to take home with them we'll be doing ours after the food and games once their filled up with jelly and ice cream and party food hopefully that will avoid any protests of I want to eat mine now!!!

My niece Jade comes round most Fridays for a tea and a chat so I've had a little helper cutting out these butterflies, I knew that extra roll of Laura Ashley wallpaper would come in handy for something. Thursday we'll be decorating the room ready for Emily's big day I hope it all goes to plan I've tried not to mention the 'party' word as she gets so excited but it hasn't worked at all you just can' hide anything from her she soon cottons on that mummy's up to something and she's been counting the sleeps down now for the past week!

Oh well wish me luck I now have a long list of bit's and pieces to make to pretty up the room, a Angelina Ballerina birthday cake to bake and decorate, cupcakes to bake I really haven't perfected the art or the perfect cupcake's mine come out domed shaped like little Mount Everest's any hint's and tips on baking nice flat cupcakes gratefully accepted!! Goodie bags to make decorate and fill! I no! I no!! I'm probably making lots and lots of unnecessary work for myself and I annoy myself sometimes once I get an idea in my head I have to go full out and finish every last detail I tell myself to keep things simple and I can never stick to it. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes next week. Finally a big thank you to Lou at Ludabelle for choosing me for this award. It's so nice to think that somebody actually reads and enjoys this little blog of mine thank you sooo much you brightened up my day!

I'm going to be lazy and take the easy route and not pass on this award, there's so many fabulous blogs out there that I love to read that I just can't choose! Hope you all have had a good week I have some catching up to do in between the preparations for princess tea party central!

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Corner of my home and heart love

Hello folks thank you for popping back to visit this little blog of mine I do hope you all had a good week it's been a bit dismal here weather wise cold, wet and windy and I've been full of a cold most of the week it has been a bind dragging myself out for the pre-school run every morning but thankfully I'm feeling a lot better now.

I'm still in the midst of de cluttering our home I can tick off the bathroom, living room, under stairs cupboard and yesterday I did our bedroom so over half way through the house I'd say. Thank you for all your comments about my bedroom I thought I'd show you another corner of it today. I'm am very lucky that my Steven lets me decorate our home as I like and that I have a very pretty feminine bedroom when I go out and buy things I don't have to consult him first as he lets me do what I like and I suppose I am very fortunate in that respect it would drive me crazy having to have anything slightly manly! This is my gorgeous dressing table which has had a good tidy up. The drawers were jammed full of stuff and tangled jewellery look at them now!

I do so love this piece of furniture I bought it from the shop I used to work at before I had the children it used to stand a the centre of a beautiful display and after staring at it every day for about a year dreaming of owning it the kind lady I worked with let me have it as at a reduced price with it being ex display it had a few scratches but I didn't care just adds to it's shabby chicness!

During the process I sorted out Emily's stash of accessories blimey she's not doing bad considering she's two weeks off four year's old she has more accessories than me!
I spent a little while displaying my favourite bit's and pieces on the shelf that's my wedding tiara that I had hidden away in a box and I'm really enjoying seeing it out and admiring it's glittery flowers a keepsake of a special day.

So that's my dressing table sorted I confess I had stopped using it for what it's for as it had become a bit of a dumping ground so this morning it was lovely to have somewhere to sit and do my hair and makeup in my girly corner. Hurray for tidiness slapped hands for letting it get in such a mess!

I'm after some hooks now to put on the wall next to it to hang my jewellery on I went to Laura Ashley today but they didn't have anything but I did see on someones blog can't remember which one that they had picked up some gorgeous flower ones up for £2.99 in the BHS sale so I'll have to try my luck there.

I've been admiring your hearts posts on various blogs this week so thought I would join in and show you mine I do love hearts of course! They are so pretty and feminine and find myself drawn to them so Ill leave you with some of my hearts I have around our home these are just a few of them I have a lot of hearts! My favourite being this first one picked up for just 30p recently at a table top sale.

Hope you enjoyed them! Right off to make a cuppa now and catch up with some of my favourite blogs! Oh also I haven't forgotten about showing some pics of my new shed/studio whilst I've been having a clear out I've been finding lot's of things that have needed re homing in my studio as I had all my craft/sewing paraphernalia stuffed all over the house so there's lots of things being dumped down there at the moment believe me it is in no fit state to be photographed but when I get it all organised (it's taking a lot longer than I expected) I will show and tell! Sorry about that!


Saturday, 17 January 2009

January planning and shopping

We are 17 days into 2009 and I do believe I am a little late in wishing everyone who visits my blog a Happy New Year, I really appreciate every comment that is left on here they so brighten up my days so to everyone who has visited my blog I wish you all the most wonderful 2009!

I do like the start of the year, all those empty boxes on the calender waiting ready to be filled with what you choose. I like to take time in January to plan what I want to get out of the year and what a would like to achieve. It's all buzzing around in my head at the moment but I am planning to make lists and write it all down in my dream book there's all sorts I want to do this year including a lot of sewing. I intend to be a slimmer me in 2009 as the weight really has crept on in 2008, the diet hasn't started yet but it will do soon I like to plan what I'm going to cook prepare and myself and get in the right frame of mind first!

I've also felt an enormous urge to de clutter our house this month. So every cupboard, box, drawer in the house is being tidied things we no longer need being recycled. We seem to of accumulated I huge amount of stuff for 2 adults and 2 little people, it's giving me great satisfaction this organising. I do believe that in a small house it is good to have a place for everything and to keep possessions to a minimal so I'm being ruthless and getting rid of quite a bit of stuff that never sees the light of day that we have no use for.

I have also been shopping when I'm in the old part of town I always have to pop in my favourite shop. Now usually I visit this shop just to browse not really to spend anything I just love to eye up all their wonderful stock and sometimes buy a card or something small. I wonder upstairs as it's upstairs where I especially love their lovely displays of Emma Bridgewater, Suzie Watson and Greengate. But on this particular visit their large display of Greengate is all half price or more as they are not stocking it anymore. Oh wow I LOVE GREENGATE I'm excited and would love to make lots and lots of purchases but it's January and I have little money after Christmas but I can't resist these tins for only £2.50 each yes just £2.50 and this lovely cushion. I am sad that their not going to have it anymore such a shame the shop assistant said it was due to it being hard to get being a Danish company.

My lovely mum and dad gave me my birthday money early, my birthday is not until May!!!!!! So I went back to buy myself a Greengate jug, candlestick, salt and pepper set, tube of pretty pencils and mug which is all wrapped up in tissue paper at my mums waiting for my birthday in May!!!!!!! Oooh I can hardly wait!

After my little splurge I had no intention of spending anymore money this month but when I came across this bedspread in Dunelm I had to have it. I've been looking for the perfect bedspread or eiderdown for our bed for quite a while.

I wanted something that would go well with these pictures above my bed and this faded red and cream toil bedspread fits the bill perfectly at £30 I think it's really good value it's king size and has ticking on the back I have seen a similar one before and been tempted but it was £80.

I'm really pleased with it and it's french style goes really well with our french style furniture. It's making me want to paint those awful peach walls a grey/blue and looking at our pine bed I think that is going to have a makeover and be painted cream to blend in with our other furniture another couple of jobs to add to my dream book! Our bedside tables are not usually that bare I've just nicked the lamps for the side table downstairs!

As I type the wind is howling around our house and the rain pelting against our windows they have given 80 mile an hour winds out tonight I'm a bit worried about the dead tree across the lane lets hope it's still there in the morning!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Now you are two!

Gosh that was quick can't believe Christmas is over and were heading into 2009 hope you all had a fab Christmas I've been looking around blog land and everyone seems pretty quiet I suppose were all easing ourselves back into the swing of things after all the Chrimbo madness. Well we had a lovely Christmas the kids were happy and overwhelmed with all their presents Christmas morning we had my parents and Grandma over for breakfast and we had our pork pie and poachers pickle a tradition in our family that we have always done do you know anyone else you does this? Then we went over to my sister-in-laws for dinner which was fabulous to not to have to cook and just enjoy the day. Then Boxing Day Elliot turned 2 yes it was his birthday so we did presents all over again and had family over for drinks and birthday cake! Our baby is growing into a little boy and a gorgeous boy we are so proud of you, you are changing every day and a lot at the moment as you are starting to put sentences together and doing lots of talking. I can remember wondering what sort of personality you would have when we had you and you have turned out to be so loving your always there for a kiss and a cuddle, your a proper boy and a cheeky mischievous one too and you never fail to make me and everyone around you laugh. Although sometimes I can be pulling my hair out at times when your up to no good like the number of time's I've caught you kneeling on top of the tv unit licking and putting your hands all over our plasma tv or when you've helped your self to the 4th yogurt in a row from the fridge and spilt it all over the floor and many other no no's too many to mention but on the other hand I will be smiling and laughing in the next moment with your charming ways.
You are a pleasure to look after and I feel like I have the best job in the world being your mummy. We had an awful year the year I found out I was pregnant as Steven also found out he had thyroid cancer and had to have two operations. So it was a year of worry and stress but we were told that Steven was going to be ok and he longed for you to be a boy. So it was the bestest news and most wonderful blessing that we had a boy after everything we had been through.

Emily is so happy to have a little brother it melts my heart to see you play nicely together I hope you will always be this close that's why we had you close together. Of course you argue but I don't know any brother and sister that doesn't I can imagine when your older being quite protective over your sister. As your quite bashful and stand up for yourself now where as Emily is more gentle and quiet.
Happy Birthday Elliot mummy and daddy are so looking forward to every moment and experience with you in 2009 now you are two. x x