Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Our Christmas home and a parcel in the post.

Yesterday morning I received my giveaway from Julia at Vintage Heaven now I knew that this parcel was on it's way to me as as Julia had pre warned me to look out for Mr Postie. So when he knocked at the door I knew that the parcel was for me! I was so excited that I ripped off the lovely gold tissue paper and red ribbon that my goodies were wrapped in before remembering to take a photo and look what was inside! Christmas has come early for lucky old me thank you so much Julia I absolutely love all your handmade goodies. Here's what I got 3 white and red spotty Christmas tree decs , 2 of the cutest miniature stockings filled with chocolates for Emily and Elliott, a gorgeous lavender filled heart made with vintage fabric, a fantastic stocking handmade with lovely lovely fabrics, a Christmas card all handmade by Julia, and the American December issue of Country Living yippee!

Missing from the photo is a really sweet lavender filled bird with dankly legs which I've just spent half an hour looking for grrrrrr I think what has happened Emily ( my 3 year old) has this annoying habit of moving things around the house I have lots of hanging hearts and I find that she moves them around onto different door knobs, hooks, drawer handles I suppose she's just playing house like mummy but it does drive me mad and I think she was quite fond of little birdie and has probably claimed it for her bedroom so I will photo it when it turns up. Anyway thank you Julia I am overwhelmed with your kindness and had a spring in my step all day yesterday because of your parcel.

Anyway I haven't forgotten to show you lot's of photo's of the inside of my cottage and all my Christmas decorations here is our much loved snowman who the children adore we've had him for 3 yrs now and it causes much excitement when we get him out his dusty box each year!

Not many words now as times a ticking by and I've got a few jobs to get done tonight with only 1 day to go! Hope you enjoy the pics! Love my new stocking on the wall! Can you spot my dove garland I bought from the CL fair?!

This is a shop bought stocking which I've personalised with some embroidery and applique for Emily.

Don't Julia's trees look good on my dresser just the right colours!

And the miniature stockings so cute on my mantelpiece.

Christmas is extra special for us as Elliott's birthday is on Boxing day he will be two so there will be double the present opening and excitement! Hope all you fellow bloggers have a wonderful time and I look forward to catching up with you all what you've been up to over Christmas will probably be a bit quiet on here till the New Year, going to pour my self a glass of Baileys now so cheers 'Merry Christmas!' Sarahx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas houses

Well I can't believe Christmas is nearly here, I feel quite organised this year all the presents are finished and wrapped and I've posted my Christmas cards today, do you like them I love these house designs.

It's been a busy day today Elliot has had two Christmas parties at different playgroups and has another in the morning. Then Emily had a party at pre school this morning and afterwards she went to see the pantomime 'Snow White' with Grandma and Grandad which she loved.

Over the last week we've had lot's of exciting car journeys the kid's love spotting the Christmas lights decorating peoples houses screaming LIGHTS! LIGHTS! LIGHTS! We don't really go mad on lights but we always have a wreath on the front door next to the bay tree which we decorate both with fairy lights. The picture doesn't capture the lights well at all, just imagine them covered in lots of twinkling lights and you get the picture!

I have a running joke at Christmas I always take the mickey out of Steven calling him the light man (he does the lights and I do the decorating) he always spends a ridiculous amount of time faffing with the lights they have to look just right or he's not a happy chappy!

Mmm I can see a house theme forming in this post I even have house Christmas decorations! I did have another house to show you but it got eaten before I got chance to photograph it. I had a kit to make a gingerbread house which I made last week. Emily and Elliot had lot's of fun decorating it with Smarties. I left it sitting pretty on the sideboard amongst my Christmas display then came down one morning only to catch them red handed both standing on chairs picking off and eating all the Smarties! After that I let them demolish it, I should of known better and known it would be to tempting for them.

I also spent some time one evening baking biscuits for the tree I had to try out my new snowflake cutter didn't I!

I know, I know, there's no pics of my garden room in this post and I did promise it didn't I? I had all good intentions of moving the Christmas presents and photographing it. But there really is ALOT of Christmas presents in my little Santa's Grotto! So I'm going to leave it till the New Year ohh I am sorry feel like I've led you all up the garden path a bit hope it's worth the wait!

Tomorrow were off to Chatsworth for a festive family day out which I'm really looking forward to .

Now you've seen the outside of my house I'd like to invite you inside so you can see my decorations. Strange I've never really shown my house much on my blog probably because it never seems tidy enough, two under fours you see, toys everywhere it's rarely tidy though I'm forever picking things up. But my home does mean the world to me and I love all things house related so it's about time I blogged about it so back very soon with lots of housey pic's and that's a promise!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Let it Snow!

This morning we woke up to no power in the house it was hard work getting 2 under 4's ready in the darkness! There is no leisurely lie in bed and waking up slowly in this house it doesn't exist! We are woken by two wide awake little people, first thing that comes into Emily's head is 'cereal mummy' and Elliott's first words are 'downstairs' so off we trotted for Weatabix in darkness lighted by tea lights! Then it started to snow really heavily outside which caused much excitement as they rushed up to the window and pressed their noses up to the glass to watch the wintry scene creating before us.

The above picture is the lane that we live on, I love to watch the changing of the seasons on our little lane unfortunately this isn't the best pic as I've had to cut off the left side as every ones bins was out. I'd of loved to of stayed in all morning in the cosiness of the house and enjoy the view from our window but I did have to venture out in it to take Emily to pre school and then take Elliott to playgroup I was absolutely freeeeeezing. It was nice to see some snow especially with all the candles lit in the house it really did feel quite festive.

Here is my collection of festive house magazines my addiction to house magazines goes stupid at this time of year I can't resist those Christmas front covers there's more than this pile I have a few other ones put away too.
I bought them all last month in hast so I'm looking forward to sitting down and having a proper read through them all this month.

I love this time of year especially the run up to Christmas I have just finished all my Christmas shopping so this month will be spent doing nice festive activity's we always go to Chatsworth for the day everywhere is decorated so beautifully there they even decorate the farmyard. We'll be taking the children to see Santa and this weekend I'm going to bake some snowflake biscuits for the tree.
I love decorating the house in fact I'm a bit obsessed with Christmas decorations having worked selling Christmas decorations in a wonderful old fashioned department store I have built up quite a stash of Victorian style decs. But this year I've bought all new in Scandinavian style better suited to our decor so I can't wait to put them all up.
I'm sorry all there's no pics of the garden room I will be doing a post with lot's of pics soon I promise! It's turning into a bit of a Santa's workshop in there it's a great place to hide all the Christmas presents! But to give you a taste of something that's in there this is my comfy chair that I have covered in lovely Greengate fabric.

Underneath is a yellow tub chair bought for £10 from the junk shop. This picture was taken half way through making the cover for it, it's finished now. I'd never covered a chair before so it was quite a challenge but I'd got a great book a making loose chair covers from the charity shop which really helped me and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
Back soon with a garden room post have a good week all whatever your up to!