Sunday, 25 January 2009

Corner of my home and heart love

Hello folks thank you for popping back to visit this little blog of mine I do hope you all had a good week it's been a bit dismal here weather wise cold, wet and windy and I've been full of a cold most of the week it has been a bind dragging myself out for the pre-school run every morning but thankfully I'm feeling a lot better now.

I'm still in the midst of de cluttering our home I can tick off the bathroom, living room, under stairs cupboard and yesterday I did our bedroom so over half way through the house I'd say. Thank you for all your comments about my bedroom I thought I'd show you another corner of it today. I'm am very lucky that my Steven lets me decorate our home as I like and that I have a very pretty feminine bedroom when I go out and buy things I don't have to consult him first as he lets me do what I like and I suppose I am very fortunate in that respect it would drive me crazy having to have anything slightly manly! This is my gorgeous dressing table which has had a good tidy up. The drawers were jammed full of stuff and tangled jewellery look at them now!

I do so love this piece of furniture I bought it from the shop I used to work at before I had the children it used to stand a the centre of a beautiful display and after staring at it every day for about a year dreaming of owning it the kind lady I worked with let me have it as at a reduced price with it being ex display it had a few scratches but I didn't care just adds to it's shabby chicness!

During the process I sorted out Emily's stash of accessories blimey she's not doing bad considering she's two weeks off four year's old she has more accessories than me!
I spent a little while displaying my favourite bit's and pieces on the shelf that's my wedding tiara that I had hidden away in a box and I'm really enjoying seeing it out and admiring it's glittery flowers a keepsake of a special day.

So that's my dressing table sorted I confess I had stopped using it for what it's for as it had become a bit of a dumping ground so this morning it was lovely to have somewhere to sit and do my hair and makeup in my girly corner. Hurray for tidiness slapped hands for letting it get in such a mess!

I'm after some hooks now to put on the wall next to it to hang my jewellery on I went to Laura Ashley today but they didn't have anything but I did see on someones blog can't remember which one that they had picked up some gorgeous flower ones up for £2.99 in the BHS sale so I'll have to try my luck there.

I've been admiring your hearts posts on various blogs this week so thought I would join in and show you mine I do love hearts of course! They are so pretty and feminine and find myself drawn to them so Ill leave you with some of my hearts I have around our home these are just a few of them I have a lot of hearts! My favourite being this first one picked up for just 30p recently at a table top sale.

Hope you enjoyed them! Right off to make a cuppa now and catch up with some of my favourite blogs! Oh also I haven't forgotten about showing some pics of my new shed/studio whilst I've been having a clear out I've been finding lot's of things that have needed re homing in my studio as I had all my craft/sewing paraphernalia stuffed all over the house so there's lots of things being dumped down there at the moment believe me it is in no fit state to be photographed but when I get it all organised (it's taking a lot longer than I expected) I will show and tell! Sorry about that!



MaryPoppins said...

How gorgeous is your delightful Dressing Table, I love it and thank you for the idea of displaying you wedding tiara, mine is stashed in a box somewhere, why on earth haven't I, like you got it out on display somewhere looking pretty :)

I love your hearts, so pretty and really good photography, I especially love the little boat :)



lou said...

It is a lovely feeling when you get everything tidy and sorted out; I have got some jobs to do like that.
What a lovely idea to have your tiara out on display!
I don’t want to go to work now after seeing your dressing table; all I want to do is have a good sort out at home.
Have a lovely week…love Lou xxx

P.S I love your hearts!

MelMel said...

Your home is wonderfully pretty!
Love it, thank you for popping by!xxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh how pretty is your dressing table :-) its very depressing when your daughter has more jewellry than you isnt it ? mine also has a better social life!!! love your hearts - i have those CK keyrings as well and like Mary I think I will dig out my tiara what a good idea!
Lesley x

Flossie and Tom said...

I love that address book - its beautiful. I'm after a new one as mine is falling to pieces.

Your dressing table is lovely - it was my hooks from BHS and I think they were 2.10 in the end. I know dunelm I think or Matalan have the same for 9.99


LissyLou said...

It feels so good to declutter doesn't it? your dressing table is lovely and you have some great hearts. x

LittleGem said...

Love all your hearts, they are gorgeous! And dressing table, I wish I had space for one. I enjoyed seeing little peeks of your home :) X Gem

bekimarie said...

Such pretty hearts, your first one is lovely and a good buy. I was looking at one like it on ebay and I think it was about £5. The boat is adorable.
Your dressing table is lovely, I can see why you wanted it so badly.
Take care
Beki xxx

thriftymrs said...

Great post. Love that dressing table. Cute boat.

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sarah,
I LOVE your dressing table, you have such a lovely home, everything is so nice! Looking forward to seeing how your work shed/house is coming along. I have been having a de clutter round here too and have just got rid of loads of things. Guess what, i have the same throw on my bed too from dunelm, great minds think alike, although mine bedroom dosn't look half as nice as yours does.
x x

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Sarah - I absolutely love your dressing table, but I wish people in blogland would stop de-cluttering! It makes me feel guilty, especially because I daren't go near my wardrobe.

Shabby Chick said...

Thank you for showing us all those pretty things, lovely! I really like the idea of having your tiara out on display, I must dig mine out from wherever it's hiding.

Mel xxx

periwinkle said...

i have to admit i'm not really a girlie girl , I don't have much jewellery or pretty things,,,, but if I did I think I'd be looking for a dressing table just like yours. I think hub has more clutter than me with all his cds dvds etc
lisa x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Sarah, what a beautiful dressing table, every pic you have shown of your home I have loved, you have gorgeous taste!!
I used to work in Monsoon and would always love working in the girls section and seeing the little girls come in to buy the gorgeous hair accessories and jewelery, we never had the selection when I was little!!
Again I want all your hearts, like all theother bloggers hearts I've seen, what a bargain the blue one was, its lovely!
Lokking forward to seeing your craft room, I know it will be beautiful and I will be extremly jealous and keep showing hubby it :)
Claire xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the decluttering, and uncovering your lovely dresser in all its glory. Decluttering is one of my favorite activities and keeps me feeling sane. I often think of it as editing. And why decorate a house when you cannot see the furniture?

lou said...

You have an award on my blog!

love Lou xxx