Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I'm still here and pretty cushions galore!

I am still here! Elliotts had chicken pox so I've been in full on mummy mode and not been near the computer at all so sorry I've not been leaving comments like I usually do and have alot of catching up to do,when he's better. Bless didn't think he'd escape it poor boy's covered in awful itchy spots so all in all it's been a miserable month with Emily having it as well.
Just wanted to squeeze in this quick post to show you my pretty cushions that the lovely Abby made me from 'The English Home' aren't they gorgeous the backs of the cushions are natural linen fastened with covered buttons in the same material used on the front. I have two different ones that are on my bed will show you these another time when I do a bedroom post. I'm soo pleased with them trouble is I want more,more ,more our sofa could accommodate afew more of these I'm even considering sticking to these colours throughout the house I love the grey muted blue colour on them! Go take at look at Abby's shop (in my sidebar) I really recommend her she has a lovely selection of fabrics she works with. Doing something special next week that I'm really looking forward to all will be revealed in my next post!


jo said...

Love the cushions, sorry to hear about the chicken pox. Hope all are feeling well now.

Vanessa said...

Poor Elliot! Hope he stops itching soon!

You have been one supermum over the last few months have'nt you!
You deserve those lovely cushions.


Cathy said...

Fab cushions - great for snuggling into when covered in spots I shouldn't wonder! Hope you are all soon spot free.
Cathy X

periwinkle said...

There have been so many with chicken pox - it must be rampant. Lovely cushions
Lisa x

Fabric and Bags said...

Love the cushions. Sorry to hear about the wee one's chicken pox - horrible!
Anne x

Katherines Dream said...

Great minds Sarah!.....I too have bought lots of Abby's cushions last year! how funny!
I have painted my whole house in the colours that you are talking about...have a look at F&B Blackend...I have used this in my bedroom and also some of the paintwork, it is such a gorgeous colour.
Carol x
I hope Elliott recovers quickly XXX

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Sarah, just popped into say Hi...I hope that you are all ok.
Carol x