Thursday, 24 July 2008

My first award and the holidays begin!

I have been awarded the brilliant weblog award from Carol at 'Katherines Dream' it is awarded for text and photos. Thanks Carol for choosing me it is my first award and I was very excited to receive it! Carols blog is lovely do visit her blog I always look forward to her posts.
The rules are I now need to pass this on to seven other blogs, so here's who I have chosen:

Natalie @ lives 5 mins from the sea has a interiors shop and enjoys knitting and sewing.

Vannesa@ her own online shop which sells beautiful handmade home accessories and gifts all made by herself.

Sara @ also loves to sew and has a wonderful online shop selling her handmade items, she loves Cornwall and enjoys photography.

Lisa @Periwinke blogs about home life with her gorgeous boys and enjoys sewing and cooking. inspiring beautiful photo's lives by the sea with her family, I love her colourful creative style.

Anne @ about her start up business designing and creating fabulous bags.

Faye @Country Chic has her own online store which sells gorgeous french,country shabby chic style home accessories.

Sorry if any of you have already received this award!

Emily finished nursery on Tues and all the playgroups we regulary go to have stopped so were in full on holiday mode pj's on till dinner time ssshh don't tell!! In September she will start at the nursery where she will be going to school. She calls it BIG nursery !

While Elliott was having his mid morning sleep today Emily did some painting. Here she is getting stuck in.

This is her favourite activity stick a paint brush in her hand and she'll sit quietly for ages. She did ask me to join in and then said that mummy likes to paint walls and fences!!!! (I'm painting the picket fence in our front garden at the moment!) Then she said mummy can I paint the wall like you?!! Bless I love the little things she comes out with I did explain to her that this was a mummy only job with special paint out of a big tin not for little girls! I think I will let her have a go next time I do a bit of painting.

Weve had the 3rd barbecue of the year this evening it was lovely to sit in the garden on our deckchairs with a glass on wine!

Hope your all enjoying this warm spell of weather hope it lasts through the weekend for us all!



Fabric and Bags said...

Morning Sarah
Thanks very much for the Brilliant Weblog Award - How kind of you to think of me as there are so many wonderful blogs around. I'm right chuffed!
I right clicked on the logo and chose save picture as, saved it to my laptop and then uploaded it as you would a photo.
Have a lovely weekend.
Anne x

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the award :). You and I are so alike! I have discovered joules this year too and even have the same dress as you... I have been and bought loads for Ella and Jeremy, the quality of the clothes is fantastic, we have a joules boutique in our town and joules online has a huge sale on at the moment. You take care and I will drop by again after my holiday.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the award Sarah, my little dear loves painting too but unfortunately we do not do that much her as I have a fear factor with all the mess!

The decision to move to Scotland has been brewing for a while, other places to consider were the Lakes but the prices there are so expensive so we would not beable to do what we really want!

saraeden said...

Thanks so much for the award and i wont tell anyone about the pj's as i spend a fair bit of the hols in mine !!

Hope your having a sunny weekend x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Sarah - thanks so much for the award - your BBQ sounds lovely - what a nice weather we are having - I hope it lasts - your daughter looks very happy with that paintbrush in her hand! - Natalie x

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah, I'm new to your blog and I wanted to say how lovely it is! I've enjoyed reading back through your posts and am about to go check out Joules online too (all my "new" clothes this year have been from charity shops, how sad).
Juts to say as well I've been visiting with Emma at the LavenderHouse after you pointed her to my blog and ohhh what a joy to be found there too. Thanks so very much for connecting us! Have a lovely day, will be back to visit again soon
Lucy @Attic24

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Sarah, I was camping during the hottest week of this year! bliss. Then we had a monster monsoon start very late on our last night...great fun!
Ejoy the school hols...are you going away?
Carol xx