Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kitchen dreams and holiday fun

Here are my new kitchen shelves which I painted a few weeks back. Although I love my house I really dislike my kitchen it's tiny two people in there and it feels overcrowded! We plan to have an extension at some point with a large kitchen and an extra bedroom. I was desperate for a clear out so that's where the shelves idea came in on a unused wall. My food cupboard was unbearable to the point of a was scared to open the doors as often a tin of beans would come crashing down on my head! So urgent action was needed and I bought some cheap shelves from B&Q and set to work on painting them and in listed the help of my dad who is a retired joiner (very handy!) to put them up on the wall.I was surprised at how many storage jars I had being unused so now they are all filled up with various food and ingredients and have freed up an enormous amount of space on my cupboards. So I am now really enjoying this little area of my kitchen believe me it is a lot prettier then the orange pine cupboards behind it! My ideal kitchen would have an aga enough room for my pine farmhouse table and chairs and my old pine dresser (which are in my dining room) lots of shelves to display collected kitchenalia a pantry style tall store cupboard and would be part conservatory overlooking the garden I don't want for much do I! Oh maybe one day but until then I will have to dream!

Well it's been a while since I last posted and I have been enjoying having my Emily around in the house more. (she normally has 2hrs nursery in the afternoons). We have seen various friends and their children more often than we usually would and it's lovely to see little friendships forming. We have been to the swimming baths regularly and Emily's confidence has grown enormously and she no longer wants us to hold her and is happy to go by herself and Elliott has gone from being very scared and crying a lot to giggling and splashing around and really enjoying himself too!
This is when we had a really hot day a few weeks back and we had homemade lollies which made a right mess dribbling down their chins and clothes but the enjoyment on their faces made it all worthwhile and they both managed to finish them so more are in the freezer waiting for another hot day!

This is another day when we made Angel delight much enjoyment came from licking the spoons and I let Elliott feed himself his face was a picture so the camera came out again! More mess but it was fun.
I will leave you with a few purchases I've be meaning to put on here for a while

A posy of china flowers a pound from a charity shop.

My new umbrella it's cream with black spots

A garden lantern from the Laura Ashley sale.

Back in a few days with something special to show you that I'm soooo excited about!!
Have a good weekend!



Garden Girl said...

wow, the kitchen shelves look lovely with all your pretty things lined up- and a great umbrella too!Glad you're enjoying the holidays x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Sarah,
I thank you have made a fantastic job with those shelves. I also love everything displayed on them - so pretty.
The new purchases are just what I like too - brilliant spotty brella! I saw a lady on the beach with a parasol and thought how chic she looked.
Have a lovely week.
Carol xx

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sarah, wow they look lovely and pretty!! Love that spotty brolly you picked up!
I have picked up a few bargins this weekend, on my blog, i got unit with some wicker storage, nothing as nice as the one you picked up but i like it.
Sarah x

Petticoat Lane said...

What a lovely little corner of your home, SO pretty,lovely colours.
I purchased that very same brolly yesterday in red with white polks dots...I just couldn't resist, even though I didn't need another brolly!
I just need to work out now how to look 'chic' carrying it whilst pushing a pushchair and holding a 3yr olds hand, could make for inteseting viewing! I tried it yesterday by carrying over my arm, obviously it wasn't raining at this stage, but I just looked like Mr Ben!!!!x
P.S Great blog, I love to read it.

Cathy said...

I love your shelves - they look really pretty. Great purchases too - especially the brolly. Could come in handy in this weather!
Cathy x

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Sarah, have so many umbrellas but never have one to hand when it actually starts to rain! You think I would know better with all this awful weather we have been having. Sun is shining at the moment but gale force winds are forecast..what joy! Dev X

MelMel said...

Hello, I'm new on here...just finding my feet!
I love the shelves and your shops have the most amazing things in them.....i spend a good deal of my weekend dragging my husband round different places to get the best bargains!
When i couldn't afford a new kitchen i gave mine a makeover...if you fancy a look!!
Hope your having fun during the holidays! x