Monday, 28 April 2008

Elliotts better!

Hurray Elliott's much better and I'm glad to say back to his usual self. We did have a set back last week he had another infection but with the antibiotics he's been taking it seems to have sorted that out. Thankyou for all your messages wishing him better. Grandma wanted to treat him so off we went to measure him up for his first pair of shoes! Here he is in the shoe shop in his new cute brown leather shoes! Thanks mum!

It seems like the end of an era seeing him walking although it's wonderful seeing him toddling around its also tinged with sadness. To me he's still my baby but I know that in six months time he will be a little boy and will of lost all his babyness. He is my last baby you see (we haven't the space,money or patience for any more!) and I'm trying to treasure all those baby moments. Emily is three and although it was only two years ago her baby days seem like a faded memory. I know I have so much to look forward to with them both on life's journey but sometimes I just wish I could bottle up those special moments so that I could come back to them whenever I wished!

Also thankyou to Sarah at Pink- Petal- Designs who sent me this lovely wrapped parcel I was the lucky winner of her giveaway. I won this....................

..............some lovely knitted mini bunting!

Sarah suggested some knitted flowers in between the flags but slight problem I can't knit, but she did suggest some letters to form a word. I enjoy applique so I'm going to applique the word 'home' on it.

It's a nice small project the smaller the better these days should just about manage that!

Honestly I've been having second thoughts about calling my blog Miss Sew n Sew when theres so many sewing blogs out there full of projects and mines looking rather bare on the sewing front. But I really like the name so I think I'm going to keep it and sew n sew is a good description of me as I can be one quite alot as Steven would tell you!

I love bunting in all shapes colours and forms but this mini knitted bunting will look just great in my hall when I've finished it. Sarah sells lot's of other nice pretty things that she makes in her shop her blog is in my favourites.

Have a good week bloggers!



Summer by the sea said...

So glad to hear that Elliot is feeling much better - you are right about the baby days going so fast - My youngest is two in a fortnight, but it seems like only a few months ago that she joined us - Natalie x

julia said...

I'm so glad Elliot is better, it's horrible when your children are suffering.
My youngest child is starting school this year and I'm trying not to dwell on it too much, I'll miss her so badly.
Julia x

saraeden said...

Good to hear that Elliot is feeling better !! They really do grow up so fast !!
My eldest son is 21 in May !!
All those milestones to cherish !!
First smile , first tooth , first step then before you know it its off to starting school and away into the wide world !!!

Katherines Dream said...

I am so glad that your lovely little chap is back on form. Knitted bunting how great, I wonder if she does it in boy's room colours?
I have ordered pram shoes already for Jude, I could not resist them tiny white leather booties...I must avoid shops for a while, I seem to have a problem!!

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi thanks for the nice comments about my quilts, pink is very much my colour. Aren't giveaways great, I have just won a pretty box from Marja at home from heart. Check her address on my blog. Never won anything in my life. Your bunting looks fab. I have added you to my favourite blogs, perhaps you might do the same. I must admit that I am dying to see my name on someone elses page. Also need to clear up matter of doll photos, they are not what I make, I bought them off ebay. Mine are nowhere near as nice, but I am getting there.

jessica daisy said...

So glad that Elliot is better I bet you feel a lot better too now that he is well.
I know it's sad that they don't stay babies for ever, but as my daughter grows up I love seeing her personality evolve, and listening to the funny and insightful things she says.

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi again, I agree that perhaps it is better to wait until little elliot is a bit older especially if you have a cockerel. Ours are now about 22 weeks old and he has started to get a bit more territorial now. I shoo him away, but have to say he is a bit scary when he runs towards you with his feathers all fluffed up. I dare a burglar to get in the garden during the day. Looked for my name in your favourite blogs but couldn't find I floating around in