Saturday, 3 May 2008

Just a quick post to ask you what you think to these. Their beanbags I made them a while ago with the intention of selling them. You could use them for spare seating, footstools or for a kiddies room. The cover has a zip fastening at the bottom and is completely removable for machine wash. The polysterene balls are sewn inside a inner cube so don't all fly everywhere when you remove the cover! Their made with a mix of Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston fabrics.

I was thinking about trying them on Etsy but I have no idea whether I could list something like this on there.

Anyway I need your feedback be it good or bad I'm open to your opinions. please don't think you will offend me all opinions are good!!

Do you like them?

What price would you be happy to pay for one?

Do you think I should try them on Etsy?

Do you think I should change them in any way?

Or maybe there a no no and I should just keep them for myself!


pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sarah , i love them i think they would be good sellers, though how much would the postage be for something so big?I really like them though, love the shabby chic style ones.Give them a go on etsy see what happens. Im glad that Elliot is feeling better now.
Sarah x

saraeden said...

The mill is called Torr vale mill Its in a place called New Mills !!

I love the big cushions
How big are they ??
You could send them by courier .. i use one and they charge 5 pounds per box !!

I will email you !!!

Sara x

Vanessa said...

Hi Sarah,

I think the bean bags are a good idea, I don't know about selling them on Etsy purely on the basis that you could not really ship them abroad unless they are not filled! Why not try Ebay, the only problem at the moment is that it is quite quiet! The only thing I would cahnge/add is a handle, just becoause lids drag them about all over the place. Cost wise I'm not sure about £19.95 or £24.95!

I'm not sure how big they are though!

Hope this is of use to you!

Vanessa x

thriftymrs said...

I think they are lovely. I would certainly buy one. Again not sure about etsy, but maybe it is worth a try?

I think they would go down well on ebay at about £20ish.
Good luck and please do let me know if you decide to sell them.
I have put a link to this site onto my blog, I hope that is ok?

periwinkle said...

They arelovely and I agree about the handle, even just a small one from the corner. Selling wise, you never know until you try - good luck
Lisa x

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Sarah, saw my name in print on your favs at last..thank you, thank you! Love the bags and was reading the rules on Etsy and if an item is handmade or "vintage" ie more than 20 years old, you can sell it there. Listings stay on for 4 months it says. Log in and have a read...seems straight forward. Not sure as to price I would of thought around £15. You won't know if you don't give it a whirl.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hi Sarah:

I just love your little stools, and such lovely fabric.

Why not try them on Etsy?

And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Tine said...

Maybe you could sell them with two options and prices....One if filled and one if not?
And I think they really need a photo to show their size! So they are not confused with the babyblocks...

They look great.

Cathy said...

I think they are gorgeous - I love the fabric combinations together. If you put a zip on the lining and the cover you could sell them unfilled which would save on postage. I have ne experience of selling on etsy, only buying, but I'm sure you would do well.
Cathy XX

JuicyFig said...

I think they are lovely! I can't see why the wouldn't sell on etsy - just a pain to send abroad...


Katherines Dream said...

They are a great idea and love the material that you have chosen.
I really do think that you should give them a go, not sure on price as I have no idea how much they have cost to make and time. Filled or unfilled is a very good idea too!
Carol xx

Katy said...

they are gorgeous!!! I would do them unfilled, and that way postage wouldn't be so much.

prettyshabby said...

I love your beanbag cubes, I bought a huge pre-filled plain one fairly recently for around £40 but it needs refilling maybe I should have just bought it empty anyway and got an extra big bag of beads!
I would have much prefered to get one like yours!
Best of luck if you go for it.. I think they would sell really well on etsy or ebay.

prettyshabby said...

Hi Sarah,just to let you know..the garden chair was from the Cath Kidston discount shop at Bicester Village..half price at £11..sometimes Millets the camping shop do similar styles to Cath Kidston so you may get lucky there!

Suzie Sews said...

I think its fab, I adore the cowboy one, either one of my boys would it. I would be happy to pay around twenty pounds, I am sure with goo d marketing you could get more but sometimes its nice to know its gone to a home that will love it rather than just another posession...unless it was going to be a big business then thats not a bad market to be in. Posstage...Mmmm there might be a problem, if you took one down to the postoffice they would let you know the price, this is what I do if I am making anything more than once and they are always happy to help. You could just put them up on your blog to sell, I knwo a few bloggers who do this and its saves all the opening up of paypal accounts etc...So much is personal preference so going with your heart is always the best option...Oh lots of words...sorry!!!