Saturday, 19 April 2008

Not a nice week

It's been a hectic week here last week and one that I was glad to see the back of. Our baby boy Elliott had an operation last Tuesday I don't want to go into to much detail on here as to what he's had done but it was a general procedure and nothing serious. We've known he had to have an operation since his 6wk check when he was born. He came home the same day and was bright as a button the nurses told me not to let him walk as he had a caudal block and it would take around 6 hrs to get all feeling back from the waist down. Try telling that to a 15mth boy! Well there was no stopping him he was off so me and my mum spent all afternoon doubled up following him round holding the back of his pjs to make sure he didn't fall and do himself an injury!

The next few days he went down hill and has been quite poorly with a fever and been quite weak. He's also had an infection on his wound so is on antibiotics which should sort that out. It is awful to see him distressed and at times all we could do is offer him lots of love and cuddles. We've done a lot of hugs on the sofa and cbeebies watching as he's not wanted to be put down. Above you can see he's thinking move out the way mummy I'm trying to watch the tv!! Emily' been really good seen as her brothers been getting all the attention she's really growing up and it touches me to think how she has this lovely bond with her brother and really cares about him. Hopefully this week he will be much better and things can start to get back to normal around here.

Last weekend I found this shelf unit in a Charity shop it was natural pine I've deleted the before shot off my camera silly me. So here's the after. I've painted it white and lined the back with some ck blue and white polka dot wrapping paper. It goes well in my bathroom trying to do a beach hut type theme in here. I did a makeover on the bathroom last year. When we moved in the walls and window frame were dark green with dark green carpet we couldn't live with it so it had to go! We ripped up the carpet and painted the floorboards white and the walls cream. The good thing about the bathroom was the panelling which we painted blue. The previous owner was a joiner and made this lovely panelling and the window in keeping with the style of the rest of the house.

I couldn't resist this little boat by East Of India when I saw it. Amazingly it has my daughters name printed on it!

No sewing has got done but here's a sneaky peek at what I've been up to and will post pictures of what they are when their finished.

Below is our magnolia tree in our garden it's a picture at this time of year this was taken a few weeks ago it's not looking so good now as it's taken a battering from the rain we've had.

Going to have a nice cuppa now and try to read my country living magazine which lasts all of about 20 seconds before Emily pulls it off me and says let me look Mummy!x


Vanessa said...

Oh bless, there so helpless when there poorly! I hope he is starting to feel much better now!

On a lighter note the bathroom and the new shelve look great.

Vanessa x

Summer by the sea said...

I hope your son is feeling much better soon (and that you don't suffer from Cbeebies overload - you know its happened when you are humming 'Big Cook, Little Cook' round the supermarket!) I also love the makeover job you have done on your little shelves - your bathroom looks lovely - Natalie x

Curlew Country said...

Poor little chap. Hope he's back to his old self soon, horrid when little ones are feeling rotten. Hard work too, hope you're doing ok.
Steph x - i love the Emily Grace boat, what a find!

Jasminé said...

Ah, what a sweet little boy!
I really hope he is feeling better soon, thats all you want for them when they are poorly is for them to get well again!

I love your shelves, and actually your entire bathroom, very fresh and lovely!
take care

prettyshabby said...

aww poor little mite, hope he's feeling better soon,its quite amazing when they're so young they get over operations really quickly so it's a shame he's picked up an infection to hinder that..I'm sure he'll be right as rain soon...
I absolutely love what you've done with your bathroom, and that window is why couldn't I have married a joiner like the previous owner..oh the things I would have got him to make!!

Katherines Dream said...

What a gorgeous little chap, I wish him a speedy recovery. Lots of cuddles and special kisses always help to make them feel a bit better.
Your shelves looks super, great find...I am always looking out for nice shelves I can paint!
Carol x