Friday, 6 February 2009

A winter wonderland - what fun!!!!!

Well what a week it's been. Monday morning we awoke to this view out our bedroom window outside our lane looked like Narnia! We had about six inches of snow the most snow that I can remember since being very little. It all melted away by Tuesday and we were a bit miffed and sad that it had come and gone so quickly but yesterday (Thursday) we were rewarded with another heavy covering of snow. Yippee!!!!!!!! What fun our walk to pre school was wrapped up all cosy and warm, crunching snow under our feet kicking it along as we go and a good work out for me it can be quite difficult trying to push a pushchair along in thick snow whilst trying to control a overly excited three yr old along the side and trying not to fall over all at the same time!! :)

Also I couldn't stop taking photo's so here's what I took.
our lane

Mr snowman that Grandad helped build as Mummies

attempt wasn't very good!!!!!!! Our House

The walk to school
This is the park we pass on our walk to school.

Our back garden

View from our landing window

View from our bedroom window

Little words just photo's today as I'm shattered, it was Emily's 4th birthday party today and I'm all partied out. Thank you for all your best wishes for the party I'm pleased to say it went down a treat and all my hard work payed off, the birthday girl had a whale of a time!
I'll be posting lot's of pics soon, it's her actual birthday tomorrow so I'm looking forward to having a girly day together. Hope you've all enjoyed the snow I think most places have had some? I've been so busy this week there's been little time to blog but had to sneak these photo's in. I never want to forget the week it snowed! Sarahx

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Anonymous said...

wonderful photos... and i LOVE the snowman... it's huge!
it's been a great week hasn't it and i am certainly fitter from walking through deep snow on the trek to school.
Have you still got lots of snow or is it melting?
enjoy the weekend
ginny x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

nice that the week of snow co incided with E's birthday :-) glad she had a lovely party and have a fun day tommorrow!!
i do have to commend the fantastic snowman he is fab :-)
Lesley x

Vanessa said...

Glad the party went well!

Have a nice girly day!

Vanessa x

periwinkle said...

gorgeous pics Sarah , I love your lane. Glad to hear the party went ok. Our snow came and went in a day :-(
lisa x