Saturday, 7 February 2009

Emily's Birthday

I'm glad to say that the 4th birthday party that we had on Friday for Emily went really well. Emily went to pre school in the morning whilst me and my mum got everything ready I have to say we were running around to get it all done in time as everything was a bit last minute as I had to fill and decorate the cake in the morning due to a baking disaster with the cake the night before!! The cake you see in the picture was the 3rd attempt! The first wasn't big enough, the 2nd was burnt and the 3rd turned out just right! Oh dear I'd not baked a cake for a long time and thought it would be easy, I now have a good recipe that I will stick to never mind I get there in the end!

The table looked really pretty. Let me point out the details!! Each child had a party popper and bottle of bubbles. The girls had a little rings attached to their name tags and the boys had a badge. See those butterfly mobiles, and straws that me and my niece sat cutting out from Laura Ashley wallpaper do you?!! Do you?!!

We had a bit of an Angelina Ballerina theme going, as Emily LOVES Angelina Ballerina since our special day together here she has been hooked.

This lovely picture of Angelina was put together by my two helpers drawn by my niece Jade and painted by my mum I think it's so nice that I'm going to put it on the wall in Emily's bedroom. We used it for pin the bow on Angelina.

My rushed cake! Which I was pleasantly surprised with that it actually tasted very nice! the pink cake stand was a bargain at just £2 marked down because the little cake stand that should be on top was missing.

All the girls had a butterfly slide for their hair.

Were having fun!

The birthday girl enjoyed herself!

After all the party games each child decorated a cup cake which I boxed up in a marshmallow bottomed box for them to take home as a favour inside their goodie bags. I forgot to take photos of this but we had a tray full of about 8 different cake decorations glitter,smarties,pink and white hearts that sort of thing and a piping bag of icing. This is one I had left and had for supper. surprisingly I have no problems baking cupcakes!

The children really seemed to enjoy themselves and having just five children was just right there was lot's of dancing and excitement but most importantly Emily's face was beaming throughout and loved it.

I can't put it into words how much mummy and daddy love you we can't believe you four where has all that time gone? You are beautiful in every way and you haven't stopped saying thank you for everything which is so sweet. Yesterday we had a mummy and daughter day one to one which was wonderful to enjoy each others company we had lunch at Little Frankie's and tried on all the dresses in the Disney Store then you picked one to buy with you money from Auntie Xana.

Happy birthday Emilyxxxx

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Shabby Chick said...

That all looks so beautiful, I think Emily is very lucky and has a wonderful Mummy! Definitely worth all your hard work, it sounds like a perfect day. Can I be nosey and ask where you got the paper cups from? They are so sweet!

Mel xxx

Leisa said...

What a pretty party you had - it looks like your little princess had a beautiful birthday.

Little Knitter Gem said...

How wonderful!! Emily looks like she had a wonderful time!! What a clever Mummy she has!! :)

Flossie and Tom said...

Wow - what a great birthday party - you could be a great party planner - mine is in March any ideas ??


Surfer Rosa said...

It all looked fabulous, I want to be four again and at that party! Fantasic cake too!!
My daughter is not quite two but I can't wait for all the pretty parties - in fact I bought a new piping bag yesterday in readiness for lots of pink swirly icing in a few months time.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

what a lovely party you put together can you put my name down for an invite for next years please ;-)
my 7yr old daughter was reading with me and loves angelina as well :-) she even went to see the same ballet a while ago and loved that too!!! we now have to go and bake cupcakes but thats not exactly a hardship is it LOL
happy birthday Emily x

periwinkle said...

looks like a lovely day was had by all and its so very pretty. Great drawing too
lisa x

lou said...

Happy birthday Emily!
Everything looks so lovely and pretty, you must have been really pleased with how everything looked.
You done a fab job, my birthday is in July… ;0)
Love Lou xxx

LissyLou said...

It lloked fabulous, weel done. I would love a party like that!! cute fairy cakes!! x

bekimarie said...

What a lucky little girl, such a girly birthday party. Can I come next year please.
Mmmm that cupcake, looks delicious, far too good to eat!
Take care
Beki xxx

Summer by the sea said...

What a wonderful birthday party, I am going to bookmark your post and steal some ideas for when my little girl is 3 in May! - You did a really great job, no wonder Emily can't stop saying 'thank you' - Natalie x

jo said...

What alucky little girl. Your cake looked wonderful and I loved the butterflies. Think I see a change in carreer coming on for you to party organiser. said...

I love reading posts about your family. I really like how you start telling us then mid sentence you swap and start talking directly to your daughter or son. I honestly think your blog is marvellous. I think you are a great Mum. I write less about my kids now as they are at school but the summer holidays are great for recording what we have done. I love blogs about people rather than things. My blog is going down the things line and I dont like it but then as you know I really miss my children.

Keep up the good work. Love Emma xxxxx

Shabby Chick said...

I'm so sorry Sarah that I haven't replied to you before, I meant to and then something happened and I got distracted!

Thanks so much for your kind offer of the cups, but I think we might have more kids than that and I will give the mums paper ones too to save on washing up! Thanks for the link to that site too, I'd not seen it before and have spent ages on it having a look!

I was going to go for red with white polka dots for the birthday party (I'm going to be mean and do a joint one as their birthdays are almost exactly a month apart) but I think I'll go all out with that theme instead. OK the party won't be until the end of April or beginning of May but you've got to think about it in advance haven't you!?

Thanks again, Mel xxx

saraeden said...

It looks like a perfect pink party !! So glad Emily had a great time and i am pleased the hairclip arrived on time i hope she loves wearing it x x

Sara x

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there, it looks like Emily had a lovely birthday too. I like the idea of letting them decorate a cake themselves. The whole thing looked very pretty, you obviously worked really hard. Dev X

MelMel said...

Hello...thank you for popping in...lovely party...:>))
How pretty!

I do like CK, but try to limit to sale buys, as its a bit pricey...:>(
The new book is a terrible temptation!


Lavender hearts said...

That you for your comment! You have some great ideas! You should be a party planner. The cake looks great!

lou said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
I will come and do your garden if you do me a beautiful birthday party… ;0)
Love Lou xxx

Kim McBirnie said...

What a beautiful party - I feel quite guilty that I didn;t do as much for Anna's fourth birthday last October! I will have to start planning for number five!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

So Sweet!!
The party and your little girl to...
Of course!
She will remember and Treasure those memories always!
Thanks to you!
Debbie Moss

P.S - A belated Happy Birthday!