Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter fun

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter we've been very busy here the best part of Good Friday and bank holiday Monday were spent working on the garden digging up the old path and building a vegetable plot poor Steven has not stopped! Every spare bit of time we have is spent trying to finish what we have started at least we'll be able to enjoy our efforts this summer. We did take a break on Easter Sunday and had a nice day spent with family.

These baskets are what I did with the children from playgroup this one is Emilys they made the baskets and then decorated a cupcake to take home.

Heres Emilys Easter bonnet she really did do most of it herself apart from the daffs I just stuck on lots of doubled up sellotape and let her with help from Elliot stick on what they wanted from the bag of Easter bits.
As you can see she really enjoyed wearing it.
These are Emilys latest colouring in by numbers pictures she's got through a whole book of pictures in one week I just had to put them on here I'm really impressed with how shes coming on. I'll have to look out for another book for her.

Easter Sunday after dinner we had a egg hunt around the house, lots excitement and chocolate was eaten.

I got some more egg decorations this year so I'm quite pleased with how my Easter tree looks.
This cute little bunny was 99p from the charity shop.

Can't believe that the end of term break is nearly over it seems to have flown by so going to make the most of the last few days we have . Hope you enjoy whats left of it if your children are off.


LissyLou said...

mmmmm those cakes look very very yummy. x

Surfer Rosa said...

It's sounds like you've been busy - I always find Easter a tricky time - trying to get things done around the house and garden (with husband around to help) but at the same time trying to ensure we enjoy it and have plenty of family time too.
I'm so impressed with your daughters creative talents - fabulous bonnet and super pictures - my nine year old cannot colour in nearly that well.

periwinkle said...

good luck with your garden , cakes look veeerrrrry nice
lisa x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely pictures as usual - I love emily's bonnet :-) and her colouring ! I will be glad to get back into normal routine next week but Easter has been lovely as well :-)

clare's craftroom said...

Hi just popped in to have a look at your lovely blog and to say hi , hi!

mollycupcakes said...

Yummy, yum Sarah those Easter cupcakes look fab.
And loving the Easter bonnet and baskets.
The pictures by your little girl are so very carefully done, i see a budding artist in the making honey.
And your Easter tree is so pretty. I like your dotty jug too i have the same one but in pink. Is it a Susie Watson?
Have a lovely rest of the week.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great Easter goodies - it seems like so long ago now! Just popped by to say hi and that I am trying to get the Northern Belles blog up and running again as it has been a bit neglected recently! Would love to hear from you. I also have my own blog Emily Picke Material Addict - all comments welcome! Kate x

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you on my blog!


Just A Gal...

Lavender hearts said...

Are you hiding in your lovely craft room? :-)

periwinkle said...

where have you gone Sarah?

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sarah

Just popped by to see if you're OK? Hope all is alright.

Hugs, Mel xxx

freerangegirl said...

What a busy Easter! Your daughters bonnet look fabulous - she looks great in it - very artistic!