Monday, 13 October 2008

Embracing Autumn

Hi all yes I'm still here, I know I'm a useless blogger I'm just finding it really difficult at the moment to find time to blog which really annoys me. Smack my hands must try harder to update my blog and I have lots of catching up to do with everyone apoligies all!!

Well were well into autumn now and I'm really enjoying the new season. I'm enjoying the cosiness in the house, snuggling up under a throw on the sofa having the lamps on. Putting the heating on which feels like a real indulgence and lighting a few candles! I wish we had a real fire though I'd love that were going to convert ours when we have our extension I'm very jealous of those of you who have one I'll just have to be patient and wait. Also covering up my lilly white legs and wearing cosy clothes is a real bonus I really don't like getting my legs out and the more covered up I am the better!

So it was a beautiful warm day yesterday here in Derbyshire so off we went for a walk in the woods. We headed for Ambergate the village where I grew up and for shining cliff woods and off we went on our little adventure. We made our way through crunchy leaf paths and some very soggy muddy paths. We did a circular walk we just followed our noses I got a bit worried at some parts as there were different paths and we were just guessing at which direction to take and felt a bit lost, being stuck in the middle of the woods with a 1 and 3 yr old would not be a good situation to be in would it? But we did take the right route and was ok! We saw lots of squirrels, acorns and chestnuts and even a few mushrooms! The sun was creating a dappled effect shining rays through the towering trees just stunning. Every so often we would see a drift of leaves falling from the trees onto the wood floor which was covered in a carpet of orange red and gold leaves. Halfway through our walk we were rewarded with the sight and sounds of this brook running down through the wood and on our way back we stumbled upon about six houses that are actually in the woods what a fascinating and very private way to live it must be very spooky at night though. Not my cup of tea I've watched Blair Witch too many times!

Emily managed to walk most of the way and Elliott travelled in style in the backpack after doing a bit walking too. At one point Steven was carrying both of them with Emily on his shoulders! It was great to get out and enjoy the great outdoors hopefully depending on the weather we will do something similar this weekend. Sorry for the dodgy photo the next one is better I love the photo of the tree.

Looking towards the end of the month I'm starting to think about Halloween and giving the pumpkins a go in the CL magazine also I've got my ticket for the Country Living Christmas Fair next month how excited am I . I've never been to one before so I'm really looking forward to it.

Hopefully I will be here more often from now on, the summerhouse is coming on well and will hopefully be finished soon Steven and my dad have been working flat out on it so will be posting some pics of that. I've also been the very lucky winner of Ginny and Alice's book 'Fabulous fabric' which deserves a post of it's own so thanks girls I LOVE your book!

Have a good week all!



Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...


Never apologize, you write when you have something to say and the time to enjoy doing it.

That being said, your wee ones are adorable.

Have a lovely week.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Attic24 said...

Lovely post, those woods look wonderful. And don't you look lovely too, I love being able to put a face to a personality!

Katherines Dream said...

What gorgeous pictures...the one of the tree could be perfect for a greetings card.
I agree it is so nice to know what you look like...sort of makes it all the more real - you know what I mean.....cxxxx

Little Knitter Gem said...

What cute little kiddies you have!!! I love your blog and beautiful photos. So inspiring!!

I have added you to my blog list. :)

Gemma x x said...

Lovely pics. Glad you had a nice time! I love low little streams, especially in the summer - we do not have any around here - you all look lovely and the tree pics are great

love emma xxxxx

periwinkle said...

My legs never see the light of day either :-). Cute pic of the little ones holding hands. Nice to see you too
Lisa x

julia said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry not to have sent the giveaway prize to you yet, I promise I haven't forgotten and hopefully it'll be with you this side of Christmas!
Lovely autumn pics, and those babies of yours are gorgeous!
Julia xx

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there glad you liked the post, I was just sat thinking about all the things I like in the Autumn and then thought why not write it all down. Perhaps I went on a bit, but I love this time of year for all those reasons. Can't wait to see the finished pics of the summerhouse. Will you be able to use it in the winter, or is it purely a summer hideout? I have a garden room, but with no heating it is impossible to sit out in now.