Monday, 8 September 2008

Our summer is over and a new start

So it seems our summer is officially over and so the weather is trying to tell us too. This is the horrendous weather our back garden suffered last week, non stop heavy rain followed by thunder and lightening and then huge hailstones!Lovely! Emily starts at a new nursery on Friday she's doing mornings at the primary school nursery where she will attend in a years time. So uniform and new shoes are ready waiting.I just hope that she will settle in well and be happy there. I have everything crossed for no tears and upset. It should be good for her they try and include the nursery as much as they can with the school so hopefully when she starts school it won't be such a huge experience for her. I have been reading about everyone's little people starting at school in blog land and I'm very aware that this will be me next year so I plan to treasure every moment of my last year with her at home. That's why I have a very special surprise for her next week were having a mummy and daughter night out so will blog about that soon!

Looking back at our summer holidays we've all enjoyed each others company most of the time. Of course there's been tears and tantrums and pulling my hair out moments but all in all we've kept ourselves very busy and the summer has passed us by very quickly.

We've had jigsaws,games,building blocks dancing,singing,reading,biking,paddling pool fun,baking,playing with friends,painting,drawing,chalking on the patio,donkey rides, swimming picnics and lots more.

Daddy's had a bit of time off so we've enjoyed some fun days out to the Sea life Centre and Alton Towers. Also walks in the peak district this is Dovedale about 30 min's drive from our house it's a very beautiful valley with a river running through it. The fun bit is crossing the stepping stones. It was very busy so unfortunately there are lots of people on the photos.

I've also won a award. thank you so much to Jane from the blog Jane is quite new to blog land and her blog is a great read and she never fails to tickle me go check her lovely blog out.
I'm a bit late with this award and I think it's been passed on quite alot so I'm going to pass this on to everyone who reads my blog as you all really make my day.

Quick update on the summerhouse sorry no photos I don't think pictures of soil and wires would please you! We have been plodding on with the electrical side so I won't bore you with that. I have picked up a junk shop chair for it which I am making a loose cover for so will keep you updated when I have something to show.
That's all for now be back soon with news of our girly night out!

Sarah x


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

sounds like you had a lovely summer and your right to cherish these last days at home - my youngest has just started school and its such a weird feeling !!! i had a lovely girly night out with my little girl a few weeks ago its such a nice thing to do i hope you enjoy yourselves :-)
Lesley x

Joanne said...

Sounds like you made the most of the summer break no matter what the weather. the photo's of Dovedale are beautiful.
We've already booked are holiday for next year we're coming back to the Pead district. Dovedale is one place that will be on the list of places to visit.
My last little one started school last week, it's so quiet with out him. hope all goes well with the new nursery.

Summer by the sea said...

Dovedale looks lovely, it sounds like you had a fun-filled Summer - look forward to hearing about your girly night out - Natalie x

Petticoat Lane said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my blog, the latest post is a little more profound though so probably no 'tickling' there!! Sorry.
I was thinking maybe you need one of those awnings to take you from the house to your summerhouse to sheild you from all this rain we're having!! Or maybe one of those canvass privacy tunnels that all the celebs have at their weddings so that OK get exclusive shoots.
Dovedale looks so lovely, I'd love to visit one day.
Jane. x
P.S I think I blinked and missed the day to get the paddling pool out, ours stayed in the shed all summer. said...

Glad you had a good summer. Grandparents in law live in Stoke so I think we should continue a drive up and visit Dovedale - I think the kids would love it. Must remember to pack spare clothes for kids and husband (The 42 year old kid is very clumsy!!!).

Love Emma x

Cathy said...

Hope Emily gets on ok at nursery - I'm sure she'll love it. Our old dog learnt to swim at Dovedale by falling off the stepping stones and then refusing to get out. Very embarrassing as most of Derbyshire were there at the time!
Cathy XX

Vanessa said...

My little dear starts full time school next September and it has suddenly dawned on me that we will no longer just be us!

Can't wait to see photo's of the summerhouse. My studio outside is coming on nicely aswell, it was rendered on the outside last week and hubbo is putting the electrics and heating in there as we speak.

Vanessa x

periwinkle said...

I honestly think that the children who are starting school are fine - its the parents who get upset. I was biting my lip and trying to smile to stop the tears as he skipped into school quite happily!! Dovedale looks like a lovely place.. Hope you enjoy your girly night out
lisa x