Monday, 31 March 2008

Can you spot whats missing from my Roberts radio?

I'm very lucky that my mum and dad have Emily and Elliott for the day on a Saturday, unfortunately poor Steven has to work so we don't get much of a family weekend and try to pack everything into Sunday! On a Saturday the house turns into an oasis of calm and I stick on my Roberts radio and busy myself cleaning the house. Then hopefully I get a little me time, check my computer, read some blogs, take a long bath, read a magazine utter bliss! However to my horror this week I went to switch it on and found that a knob was missing arrrh!! and nowhere to be found. I was not a happy bunny!
I think Mr Elliott is the guilty one he's taken to climbing in a big way recently and I've caught him afew times climbing over the sofa onto the side table where it sits and pressing the buttons goodness knows where he's put it. It's not in any of the obvious places, it's not unusual to find things in the fridge, posted inside his toy garage or down the loo! Arrrh it's driving me nuts I'm sure it will turn up in the most ridiculous of places he's also managed to take the batteries out of the remote and hide them too! Cheeky monkey!

Sunday morning we was up bright and early to find lovely clear blue skies so we decided to go to the car boot we had a quick breakfast and took the half hour drive there. I was all eager in the anticipation of what goodies might be there only to find it was not on I was so disappointed. I did however find this vintage canteen set of cutlery in my local charity shop earlier in the week so I suppose this makes up for it. I've been after some cutlery for a while I just love the cream handles on the knives.

On the way back from the car boot we decided to stop off at Calke Abbey. We put Elliott in the new backpack and had a lovely walk by the river. It was so nice to walk somewhere where we couldn't normally get to. Your so restricted to where you can go with pushchairs. Emily really enjoyed it climbing over the stiles by herself and she managed to walk quite along way. We saw canada geese and deer which were fenced off, we were really surprised when one deer came right up to the edge of the fence to say hello. It's so beautiful there and I could of kicked myself for not having my camera with me. The sun shone all day and it really did feel like the first day of spring. I think it's probably my favourite season I just love to see all the trees come into blossom and flowers and plants awakening in such abundance. Heres the magnolia tree in our garden just coming into flower.

Thought I'd better show you some sewing now seen as this blogs called Miss Sew n Sew and not a stitch in sight yet! Here's an applique and embroidered castle I made for Miss Emily sorry about the rubbish photo. It's either going to end up framed or on a cushion not made my mind up yet. I'm starting to get very frustrated on the creativity front. Lately I seem to have very little time to get going on things and spend alot of time thinking about ideas and very little time doing. So sorry if my projects on here are few and far between. I've decided I'm going to try and manage the little time I do have more effectively and spend at least one evening a week being creative!

Here's Miss Emily in the garden looking all cute in the tutu I managed to snap up in The White Company sale. I am so looking forward to more sunny spring days and being able to get out in the garden with the little ones instead of being couped up in the house.
Roll on spring! Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did!

Sarah x

Seem to have a huge gap here and don't know how to get rid of it whoops!


jessica daisy said...

sorry to hear about your radio, I'm sure if you contacted Roberts they would send you a new knob.
You are so lucky to get saturday all to yourself, it sounds like bliss!
Your applique is really sweet, and so is your daughter in her little tutu.

jo said...

What a great charity shop find. Your applique looks great.

Curlew Country said...

I love the canteen, I've got a few knives like those myself that belonged to my grandma. Hope the Roberts still works - lovely colour. I know what you mean about time - I've got at least four projects on the go that I keep thinking I'll dedicate an evening too but I'm shattered by the time the boys are in bed. I'm pinning my hopes on a lovley summer with the plan to spending balmy evenings sewing in the garden or the conservatory. Keep everything crossed! Fabulous castle picture. What a lucky girl!
Stephx - such lovely pictures of your little ones. I've got a similar picture of my sister at about the same age as your daughter in a tutu, only she's wearing red wellies with hers and pushing a toy lawnmower - not quite so pretty!

saraeden said...

Hi Sarah , if you want to email me for more details about the blog !!

Sara x

Sorry to hear about your missing radio knob ... my kidlets hide all sorts of things and if i lose anything i just ask one of the twins he knows where everything is !!!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - like you, I dragged all the family out this morning to go to the car boot, only to find it wasn't on - I was a bit annoyed as its taken me three weeks to get them to come with me, and there was even a big ad in the paper advertising it for this Sunday - Oh well! - Calke Abbey is lovely isn't it? - I have some lovely pics of my eldest (now 10) in the back pack when he was about a year old, taken at Calke Abbey. Love the fairy castle applique, think it woud look good framed