Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A trip to London...................

On Saturday the day arrived that I had really been looking forward to for months I went to London for a day trip of shopping and visiting The Christmas Country Living Fair. I was up bright and early to catch the 7.00am train to London I packed my sleepy little family into the car still in their pj's and I kissed them goodbye. I remember many fond farewells like this, when I was 18 ( 15 years ago I lived in London for 3 years whilst at stage school that's another story I'll tell you another day, I was seeing Steven at the time my now husband) so it felt quite surreal visiting London again after all these years. I arrive in London at 9.00am to find that Kings Cross has changed very much no longer is there just one grotty cafe now there's posh glass fronted shops and cafes including a Paperchase and a mini Hamley's.

I hop on the tube and head for Portobello Road market I really enjoy the hustle and the bustle of the market exploring the quirky stalls selling a vast array of clothes antiques and bric a brac I hover over a Bakerlite phone I've been wanting one for ages but decide to save my pennies for something else. I'm excited about the rest of the day and there's so much I want to pack in to my day it feels wonderful to have a break from my day to day routine and do something different that's just for me. Next stop I head for Stanley Street to the Cabbages and Roses shop how I love this wonderful company as I make my way there I have a pleasant walk through South Kensington admiring the wonderful white 4 storey houses nosing through their windows and admiring the perfectly trimmed topiary trees placed outside every door and the pretty wrought iron railings how the other half live eh! I arrive at Stanley Street to find a perfectly formed immaculate but very little shop this was not what I had imagined I was expecting I large shop with beautiful rooms adorned with Cabbages and Roses covered furniture and wallpaper like this so I'm a little disappointed I browse through the shop ohhing and arr hing at the small but perfectly displayed items.
Next stop Cath Kidston a short walk away on King Road I'm spoilt for choice in there I have to buy something I spend ages looking at every item I can't decide what to buy eventually I buy this sticker book which contains over 200 adorable stickers for home , office and everywhere in between.
Times a ticking by but I love the Kings Road I've never been here before the shops are great Graham And Green, Designers Guild and lot's of gorgeous individual shops I keep thinking I must be on my way to the Country Living Fair but I cant walk past these shops every one is tempting me inside with their beautiful window displays. After tearing myself away from Kings Road I eventually arrive at the fair at 2.00pm, I am shattered but oh so eager to explore I get some rest bite in the cafe and then head for the stalls I circle each level not to miss out on anything I marvel at it all. All my kind shops under one roof I'm excited to look at the stalls Caroline Zoob, Jan Constantine and Susie Watson whose Internet shops I love to browse and do pretend shops at! I spend a stupid amount of time staring at the Suzie Watson stall but again I don't buy the trouble is if I had bottomless pockets I would go mad but I don't.
From Caroline Zoob I buy one of these a kind of vintage looking mail holders I love it it's going to end up by the front door no more post and paperwork will be cluttering up my dresser! From Dot Com Gift Shop I buy these,

and this

Some polka dot paper napkins, a snowflake cookie cutter, a dotty beaker which I'm using as a desk tidy and a wonderful dove shaped paper garland which a noticed in cl magazines Christmas issue last year which I'm so pleased I got my hands on , see the smallest things make me happy! From two other stalls I also buy this twig heart for my garden room

and this Greengate table cloth which I've folded to use as a runner for the bargain price of £10 I absolutely love it it matches my colours perfectly in my through room it's my favourite purchase of the day.
Another purchase were these two candle votives sorry for the dodgy photo there so pretty when their lit. I also buy a Christmas present for Emily a pretty dress for a dolly. I stay till the end 6.00pm I am dead on my feet I browse the posh shop's at the station and head home on the 7.00 train I am so grateful for the sit down on the train and I'm eager to get home to my home and family who I'm starting to miss it has been such a fab day and I can't help feeling that it is something I would love to repeat year after year.

Ps The garden room is finished so my next post I'll give you a tour!