Thursday, 18 September 2008

Our girly treat!

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was going to take my daughter somewhere special as I'm very aware that this will be my last year having her at home with me before she starts school full time and I just thought she deserved a nice treat. I also feel that she has very little one to one time with me as Elliott will have that when Emily starts school. She's just started at a new nursery too and has been doing very well and taking it in her stride I was worried we were going to have tears but she's excited every morning to go and her teachers are very pleased with her and say what a lovely little girl she is this week I collected her one morning to see her clutching this

The teacher had given her star pupil for sitting nicely at story time and gave her a ring and a wand how lovely is that? As you can imagine I'm so pleased that she seems to be settling in well it is a lovely little nursery attached to the school I think she will be fine there.

So her special treat was to go and see The English National Ballet perform Angelina Ballerina!

I love the embroidery on these shoes she wore I bought them for £5 Monsoon sale a year ago and I've been willing her feet to grow into them and they finally fit!

Before the show we has a little bit of girly shopping we went to all of Emily's favourite shops including this one her absolute favourite The Disney store so she's already shown me lots of things she wants from Santa which includes the entire Disney Store oh dear!!

Then we stopped off at the Thornton's Cafe for some delicious chocolate mouse cake and headed for the theatre.

This was Emily's first time to a theatre and didn't really know what a ballet was until last night. There were lots of other little girls all dressed up in pretty dresses chattering away in anticipation of seeing Angelina!
The Ballet was gorgeous it was an hour long with a 15 minute interval adapted from the Angelina Ballerina story books, Angelina is putting on her own show of Sleeping Beauty, act 1 is the rehearsals and act 2 is the actual performance. It was a cast of nine dancers the costumes and sets were amazing and it really brought the story to life I kept having a sneaky peek at Emily's face and she was smiling away and mesmerised by it all!

To round the night off we had a ride on this an enormous big wheel which was outside the theatre.

I was quite nervous as to whether Emily would be ok on it but she pestered the life out of me to go on it and insisted she was not scared so after checking that 3yr olds were allowed on it we hopped on. We has a lovely time cuddled up together staring out over the night sky and city lights Emily loved it it was one of those happy moments that I'll never forget.

I am so lucky to have a beautiful caring 3 year old and I'm really loving the little lady she's growing into. This morning we woke up to beautiful clear blue skies on our walk to nursery she nattered all the way about Angelina and hasn't shut up about it all day so I think she really enjoyed her treat and hope she will remember it I certainly enjoyed spending some mummy and daughter time one to one and doing some really girly stuff.

Friday, 12 September 2008

It went ok!

With a sigh of relief I'm happy to say Emily started pre school this morning and it all went well. It felt funny to be up at the crack of dawn feed organise and dress them both to be out the door for 8.30 for our 10min walk to school usually mornings at our house go at a very slow pace Emily is always up at around 6.30 anyway but there is no rush to go anywhere so we are used to lazy mornings in our pjs. Not anymore! I have this school run for the next 16 years gone are our leisurely mornings Arrgh!!!! None the less I had everything ready they both had their porridge and there was no crazy dashing around and I even managed to wash the pots before I left. She was not keen to put her uniform on I already had guessed that this was going to be a problem as she's so used to wearing pink and likes to choose her clothes! So I got a little present for her to open ONLY when she had put her uniform on!

This worked to a certain extent she hurriedly got dressed very quickly to open her pressie then announced that she was going to get undressed and put some proper clothes on aarrgh after lots of wining I managed to distract her with a jigsaw! After that things went smoothly she told me she was a big girl and was not going to cry! We got to the nursery she took off her coat and hung it on her elephant coat hook and I sat her down at a computer to play a game ( she loves playing on computers and amazes me with what she can pick up)I told her I was going to talk to the teacher and said bye to her and she was fine didn't even turn around to watch me go she was just happily sat playing a game.

I just hope things will continue this way with no blips but you never no only time will tell but for now at least I can remember her first day with a proud smile.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Our summer is over and a new start

So it seems our summer is officially over and so the weather is trying to tell us too. This is the horrendous weather our back garden suffered last week, non stop heavy rain followed by thunder and lightening and then huge hailstones!Lovely! Emily starts at a new nursery on Friday she's doing mornings at the primary school nursery where she will attend in a years time. So uniform and new shoes are ready waiting.I just hope that she will settle in well and be happy there. I have everything crossed for no tears and upset. It should be good for her they try and include the nursery as much as they can with the school so hopefully when she starts school it won't be such a huge experience for her. I have been reading about everyone's little people starting at school in blog land and I'm very aware that this will be me next year so I plan to treasure every moment of my last year with her at home. That's why I have a very special surprise for her next week were having a mummy and daughter night out so will blog about that soon!

Looking back at our summer holidays we've all enjoyed each others company most of the time. Of course there's been tears and tantrums and pulling my hair out moments but all in all we've kept ourselves very busy and the summer has passed us by very quickly.

We've had jigsaws,games,building blocks dancing,singing,reading,biking,paddling pool fun,baking,playing with friends,painting,drawing,chalking on the patio,donkey rides, swimming picnics and lots more.

Daddy's had a bit of time off so we've enjoyed some fun days out to the Sea life Centre and Alton Towers. Also walks in the peak district this is Dovedale about 30 min's drive from our house it's a very beautiful valley with a river running through it. The fun bit is crossing the stepping stones. It was very busy so unfortunately there are lots of people on the photos.

I've also won a award. thank you so much to Jane from the blog Jane is quite new to blog land and her blog is a great read and she never fails to tickle me go check her lovely blog out.
I'm a bit late with this award and I think it's been passed on quite alot so I'm going to pass this on to everyone who reads my blog as you all really make my day.

Quick update on the summerhouse sorry no photos I don't think pictures of soil and wires would please you! We have been plodding on with the electrical side so I won't bore you with that. I have picked up a junk shop chair for it which I am making a loose cover for so will keep you updated when I have something to show.
That's all for now be back soon with news of our girly night out!

Sarah x