Saturday, 24 May 2008

I've been tagged.......

It was nice to find out I've been tagged twice this week first be Anne at Fabric and Bags and secondly by Vannessa at Just Original thankyou ladies! Ok let's give it a go:

The rules are:-

I have to answer 6 questions about myself. At the end of the post I then get to tag 6 other people and post their names, then go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read my blog. Then let the person know who tagged me know I've posted my answers.

1) What was I doing ten years ago?

I was 23 and had been seeing Steven for 5 years. I was working away from home as a dancer believe it or not in a show which was touring all over the country doing theatres,hotels,weddings,business conferences etc..we covered everything from the musicals to what was in the charts!

2)What are 5 things in your to do list today?

Today I have a child free day so will be doing-

-cleaning the house which looks like a bombsite and restoring some calm and order!

-potting up some plants in the garden

- having a coffee break and reading some of my Country Living Magazine

-Buying some fabric off ebay with knights and princesses on which I'm going to make cushions out of for the twosomes castle themed room!

- make pasta for tea

3)Snacks I enjoy

I love chocolate Im into twix's and Dairy Milk bars the bigger the better at the moment

Marmite and butter on toast

Dorset cereal with natural yogurt and honey drizzled on top really nice you should try it!

4)Things I would do if I was a billionaire

Pay off the mortgage and extend this house adding a big kitchen with a aga and an extra bedroom and keep it for Emily or Elliott.

Buy a house for the other one and make sure they both had a comfortable future and good schooling.

Buy a beautiful old house with views in the countryside and one by the sea probably in Cornwall and have lot's of fun decorating them spending huge amounts of money at Cath kidston, green gate and Kate forman!

Give some money to friends and family making sure they were comfortable.

Give some money to a charity.

We'd own our own gift shop/cafe selling beautiful country inspired handmade items from our blogging friends including me!

Buy a VW Campervan and Steven would no doubt buy a couple of top of the range cars

5)Places I have lived

I grew up in Ambergate a small villiage in Derbyshire I've also lived in London and the Isle Of Wight and but mostly Derby.

6) Six peeps I want to know more about:-

Suzie Sews

My life and other beads


Katherines Dream

Sarah's House

Lucykate Crafts

Sorry bloggers doing that dodgy gap thing to me again how annoying!! I'm off to clean the house now BORRING oh well have a good Saturday everyone.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Birthday treats!

I wanted to post this much earlier in the week but I've been to busy doing mummy jobs, Emily has chicken pox and the itchiness has been driving her mad at night and she has hardly slept I was up with her watching Mickey Mouse's clubhouse downstairs at 3.00am last night and having to cover her in calamine lotion to ease the itching bless her. Oh the joys of being a mother! I didn't think it would effect her to badly as it's supposed to be kinder to younger children but she's been in a pretty bad way with it. It will be Elliotts turn next I'm sure!

This week I've won another giveaway I could quite get used to this! It was a very pleasant surprise. This time I've won this lovely eco bag the one in the middle with the heart on from Sian at Diary Of A Tinyholder thank you Sian I love it it's very pretty. It will be used on a regular basis as you can see I have a little collection of bags hanging up opposite the front door they all have their uses. My fav Cath Kidston bag, a CK eco bag and a nice plain jute bag behind. It will be very useful to have two eco bags as I find that one is often not enough and then I end up using a carrier bag anyway which spoils the point.
For my birthday outing last week I went to this place It's my fav place to shop around here it has a gorgeous home accessories shop that sells Greengate, Emma Bridgewater,Susie Watson and lots more. It also has a really nice cafe and a beautiful Japanese tea garden which Emily and Elliott ran round with mum and dad while I spent! To our horror we didn't notice the sign till 30 mins later that said 'no children, please help to keep this garden peaceful' whoops! Their must of been some harsh looks and tutting from the people sitting there drinking their tea!
Here's what I spent my birthday money on from my Steven's brother and my sister in law. A Susie Watson jug, a pretty button heart and a East of India hanging sign. Thank you if your reading this!!x I also treated myself to these bit's and pieces for my bathroom shelf's.

For my main present from Steven and my mum and dad I'm having some cushion covers commissioned from . We've recently won a second hand white corner sofa off ebay and my old cushions just didn't look right. I know I could probably make them myself but I need seven of them and they would take me forever to make with the lack of time I have at the moment I can only manage small projects. Anyway I'm very impatient and want the instant look it's my birthday treat!!

I went to visit Abby to choose the materials. I was overwhelmed with the choice of fabrics, her studio shelf's were stacked from floor to ceiling in the most gorgeous 'Kate Forman', 'Cabbages and Roses' and another company I had not heard of 'Ernest and Matilda' (all in my side bar). It took me ages to make my mind up as I loved them all Steven kept popping his head round the door voicing his opinion and saying no pom pom trim what a meany!!! Mind you I did squeeze in some pleated frills without him knowing! I shouldn't complain he is very open about my style of decorating and says yes to nearly everything. But he does like to voice his opinion on everything at least he's interested I suppose! Elliott would probably pull the pom poms off anyway. In the end I went for some beautiful Ernest and Matilda and Kate Forman fabrics in blues and pinks!

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I keep getting big gaps appear between text and photos, so I've closed the gaps and now have a big gap at the bottom of my post it's driving me mad is it blogger or me?!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Posh nosh and picnics

I've finally finished these napkin rings I've been making I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out.The leaves are made from a charity shop jumper that I felted I've never tried it before and was curious to see how it worked the results gave a great texture I'm well impressed that's another thing to thrift for woolly jumpers! To felt a jumper take an old or thrifted jumper must be at least 80 per cent wool and wash at a high temperature to shrink it and voila you have felted wool.

I had to see what they looked like on my table I'm one of those people who can't just throw some knives and forks on the table I have to faff around and make it look pretty. So one night this week we had posh fajitas alfresco style!

What glorious weather we have been having it actually feels like summer has arrived. Emily and Elliott have been enjoying playing outside in the garden we have retrieved the garden toys out of the loft and dusted them down. Elliott absolutely loves being in the garden I don't see him he's either picking daisies, hiding in his tent, kicking the football or pushing his toy pushchair round the garden through the house and back again and again...... I've designated a little area for Emily to have her own small patch of garden to look after so we can plant some little plants there in the next few weeks.

Here they are tucking into their picnic tea! I've also celebrated my birthday yesterday yes I am now 33! I had a birthday outing to my favourite shop around here which sells the most gorgeous things and spent my birthday money so more about that and my other pressies in my next post! Thankyou for all your nice comments on my beanbags it's given me the confidence I needed as I wasn't sure about them. I was going to put them on Ebay but I find Ebay a bit hit and miss and then theres the hassle of packaging them up due to their size so what I've decided to do is save them. I have plans to have my own stall sometime in the future at a craft show when I have built up my stock of various things all shabby chic of course!
Tomorrow were having a barbie for mine and my mums birthday which is next week hope your all enjoying the weekend whatever your up to!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Just a quick post to ask you what you think to these. Their beanbags I made them a while ago with the intention of selling them. You could use them for spare seating, footstools or for a kiddies room. The cover has a zip fastening at the bottom and is completely removable for machine wash. The polysterene balls are sewn inside a inner cube so don't all fly everywhere when you remove the cover! Their made with a mix of Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston fabrics.

I was thinking about trying them on Etsy but I have no idea whether I could list something like this on there.

Anyway I need your feedback be it good or bad I'm open to your opinions. please don't think you will offend me all opinions are good!!

Do you like them?

What price would you be happy to pay for one?

Do you think I should try them on Etsy?

Do you think I should change them in any way?

Or maybe there a no no and I should just keep them for myself!